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Howard is a professional male voice over artist who started his journey 35 years ago as a voice actor at the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company (now Boeing) in Long Beach, Ca. where he voiced corporate commercials, training, internal and external media and product related presentations including those that went to the Air Force.

With a professionally validated home studio, Howard is able to complete typical projects within 24 hours or the same day if necessary. His equipment and training enables Howard to deliver broadcast ready files on time and within budget so clients won't have to perform additional work. 

Howard's motto is, "If I can't have fun doing it, whatever it might be, you probably won't find me doing it." His vast experiences from woodworking to big game fishing, camping to cruising, motorcycles to jet skiis, senior leadership to managing chronic pain gives you the assurance that he can voice your message with the conviction and understanding only a person who has lived life to its fullest can achieve.


Howard is a versatile, passionate voice actor with both commercial and character acting skills. From his demo's, you'll be asking, "Is this really the same person? Whether you're looking for a deep, somewhat western gravely voice,  a more passionate warm tenor, or an excitable goofball character just ask for it and Howard will bring it! Click here to listen to his latest demo's.

 Recently stated about Howard:

"Wow, you are really directable!"

"Thank you very much for all the extra bits with the editing too, will make my job editing a lot easier. Fantastic job on the performance too. I really did make the right choice!"

"I am working with Howard as voice talent in an episodic podcast series and he is extremely talented at understanding what the client wants and creating
incredible characters. He has an instinct and experience and professionalism that sets him apart! His voice is amazing."

"The audio sounds great, and I’m pleased to tell you that your home studio has passed Verification ... and it was an easy verification pass!"

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In the work he's performed, Howard's voice has been described as:

  • Conversational

  • Professional

  • Friendly

  • Engaging

  • Authoritative

  • Gritty

  • Resonant

  • Sophisticated

  • Deep

  • Fun

  • Real

  • Convincing

  • Inspirational

  • Manly

  • Goofy

Since you're looking for someone to voice your next Character, Commercial,

e-Learning, Narration or Adventure, take the next step and contact Howard.


He'll be right there in the mix with your team.

May you be blessed in all that you do!

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