Howard is a professional male voice over artist who started his journey 35 years ago as a voice over artist at the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company now Boeing in Long Beach where he voiced corporate commercials, training, internal and external media.


During this same time, he began a career in the field of Quality and worked his way up the managerial ranks learning, mentoring and providing leadership all the while performing behind the mic, teaching in front of a classroom, mentoring or presenting in a corporate management environment. 

Howard is known for his deep, yet passionate voice that can change throughout the day. Whether you're looking for a deep, somewhat western gravely voice,  a more passionate warm tenor, or an excitable goofball character just ask for it and he'll bring it!

As continuing honing of skills is key, one of Howard's recent coaches stated, "Wow, you are really directable!" And a recent producer said, "Thank you very much for all the extra bits with the editing too, will make my job editing a lot easier. Fantastic job on the performance too. I really did make the right choice!"

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In the work he's performed, Howard's voice has been described as:

  • Conversational

  • Professional

  • Friendly

  • Engaging

  • Authoritative

  • Gritty

  • Resonant

  • Sophisticated

  • Deep

  • Fun

  • Real

  • Convincing

  • Inspirational

  • Manly

  • Goofy

Since you're looking for someone to voice your next Character, Commercial,

e-Learning, Narration or Adventure, take the next step and contact Howard.


He'll be right there in the mix with your team.

May you be blessed in all that you do!

Just a few photo-emotions that describe Howard

Morea Tahiti Sunset
Parker, Arizona
Clearwater Pier, Florida
Forgiveness Tracks - Inspirational
Stormy Island
Morrea Sunset, Tahiti
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