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Howard F. Hulin

Quality Vocal Artistry, LLC

Voice Actor

Characters ~ Commercial Narration ~ Gaming

"Connecting with Clients ~ Voicing for Authenticity"


I create unique characters that bring life to your story. 

As a character actor, I climb into the folds of the characters history to develop a backstory that'll bring life to either your e-Learning, Gaming Character, Animation Character, or even your "In a World" movie trailer.

Recent Testimonials

"Hey Howard!  Just finished my rough drafts of the videos, wanted to say WOW!!!!! and thank you so so much for your work on this. Everything worked out just as I had hoped it would. I can't wait to send you the final drafts. It's hard to convey in an email how happy I am with the content and how grateful I am that you were able to be such a big part of it. You made the vision come to life in a big way so thank you so very much! " 


"Wow, you are really directable!"

"The audio sounds great, and I’m pleased to tell you that your home studio has passed Verification ... and it was an easy verification pass!"

"Thank you very much for all the extra bits with the editing too, will make my job editing a lot easier. Fantastic job on the performance too. I really did make the right choice!"


"I am working with Howard as voice talent in an episodic podcast series and he is extremely talented at understanding what the client wants and creating incredible characters. He has an instinct and experience and professionalism that sets him apart! His voice is amazing."

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