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There's no such thing as free ... or is there?" Little things matter most !

Every once is awhile we come across one of those remarkable gems of customer service we just have to tell a friend about. When I get lazy, I let my beard and mustache grow out. Trust me, it never stays that way for long as my wife likes me clean shaven but thinks it's "sexy" when it's in the initial stages of growth. Well the last time I decided to shave it off, my trimmer fell and broke one of the grooming pieces.

I figured that since it was one of those pieces that could presumably break easily, it would be carried anywhere the product is sold. So I went looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere. Oh, wait. Before we go further and the humorous comments start, the company is called Manscape. They cater to men who like to keep themselves impeccable groomed. Ok, now you can let your imaginations run wild.

Not finding the piece in any of the stores that sell their product, I called their customer support line. I was not expecting to reach someone within moments; but it actually happened. After I told the young lady about the piece I broke, she pulled up my account and verified my information. "Are you still at XYX in Irvine," she asked? I told her she was correct.

It was her next statement that stunned me: "That piece will be shipped out today and you should have it by weeks end." No credit card. No promissory note. I didn't even have to have the kids sell lemonade on the corner to raise the money for this piece that shipping probably cost more than the piece that broke. She was polite, nice, understanding and it didn't cost me a thing.

Something for nothing just doesn't happen that often these days and MANSCAPE gets 5 out of 5 stars for making me a happy customer!

Have one of those gems you'd like to share or even give a shout out to, please drop me a note.

In the continuing weeks, I'll be publishing my own experiences (and maybe yours) regarding customer service in hopes that establishments will get the word out that as customers, we still need to know we are important and that "Brick and Mortar" stores can survive.

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Until next time, use your voice! The moon is the moon and the sun is the sun. If anyone tries to tell you anything different, use your voice and speak up!

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